Treks & Camps

South India is not usually associated with walks and treks and people who visit India usually head for the Himalayas and the hills of North India as its well known. Those who take the effort to make their way down have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of walks, variety and terrain on offer in Southern India. The peaks are spectacular, the terrain varied, the chance of spotting some endangered wildlife good and furthermore you can rest assured of a quality service to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday! We are happy to organise the treks for groups or individuals.

We organize treks and walks in the Southern states of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. All our walks are original and that we have researched personally.  The walk we offer are varied and you can choose from the little known hills in Karnataka to the more popular walks in Kerala and Tamilnadu. The places that we walk are very fragile and off the beaten track hence we take special care not to leave anything behind that will affect it! We are also happy to design trek based on your requirement. We have a dedicated team for our treks and camps,we are local so know the area well. The camping equipment that we use are of international standards,the food while on trek will be freshly cooked with what is available locally and hygienic. For more details contact us.