Culinary Tours

No visit to a country is complete until you taste the local cuisine.With the sheer size and magnitude of the country separated by rivers and mountains it offers a wide variety of cuisines. The culture and cuisine of the country varies from region to region. From the Kashmiri and Punjabi cuisines in the north, the meat and spice dishes of the central areas, to the Konkan cuisine of the Goan coast and more orthodox and vegetarian cuisine of Tamilnadu there is a lot on offer. From ancient times sailors,traders and conquerors have come to it's shores seeking one thing or other. They have all left behind lasting imprints of their visits, mainly cuisine. Kerala has a special place in this as it is also the home of spices and also has been fortunate to be associated with the cuisines from around the world as traders from these places used to flock to its shores seeking it's bounty.We organise specialist culinary tours to all parts of India depending on your special interests or are happy to include short visits and experiences into your itinerary so you have a complete experience. Be it cooking demos, meal with local families or to learn more about spices, there's a lot you can do.